Systemic Critical Infrastructure Risk Management (SCRIMA)

SCRIMA consists of interconnected, innovative software products, Strategyfinder as an AI-enabled risk assessment and management tool, a configurable pandemic simulation modelling toolkit and a Maturity Resilience Process Management tool.

Critical infrastructure systems are complex and interconnected. In a disaster or pandemic, different areas are affected simultaneously and abruptly. Even small events can have cascading effects due to interactions. The effects are cross-sectoral and disruptive.

The concept of systemic risk recognises that the interactions between risks create a network or system of associated risks and outcomes. The risks‘ outcomes create new risks, and the resulting consequences are complex.

Risks are a system in which a single risk causes many other risks. Special attention should be paid to vicious circles of risks that lead to escalation and loss of control.

SCRIMA builds resilience with a Resilience Strategic Maturity Progression Model (RSMPM), ensuring SCRIMA results and impacting pathways uptake. A maturity model consisting of 3 stages is proposed for this purpose: Preparedness for systemic pandemic risks. Capacity to respond to systemic risks and Continuous improvement of preparedness and response to systemic pandemic risks. SCRIMA is an international H2020 Project which is in application status by now.