This is Strategyfinder

Strategyfinder is an intelligent, agile online tool for solving complex issues and a well-founded and tested theory in the background. A group can collaborate online and share opinions and ideas using the whiteboard interface.

Quick Results

With a Strategyfinder moderation and a procedure tailored to the issue, good results can be achieved quickly. This way, groups can clarify conflicts, find strategies or assess risks. Procedures for complex issues were developed by Prof. Colin Eden and Prof. Fran Ackermann in about 30 years of university research. Often a 2 hours Strategyfinder workshop can enable a team to find effective solutions to complex problems and agree on key strategies for solving them. An organisational strategy is often developed in 4 half-day workshops.

Work around the Globe

Whether in one area or in different countries worldwide, Strategyfinder enables collaboration on complex issues. Whether Arabic, Chinese or English, each person participates in their native language. The built-in translation tool offers cross-language collaboration.

9 strategic Priorities, 30 Bankers, 60min, 6000miles

Kevin Page, Strategyfinder-Expert in the UK, supported the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF). Within a 60 min strategy session, 30 bank managers agreed on nine strategic priorities regarding sustainability goals.

Series of Algorithms & Mathematical Methods

Strategyfinder works with a series of algorithms and mathematical methods in the background that can recognise vicious and virtuous cycles, find key themes and identify potentially potent action. Connections become visible, and options for action open up.