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Strategyfinder: „Most powerful strategy mapping software and method“
(source: IBM Report p. 49)
IBM Center for The Business of Government: Report by John M Bryson
Download PDF: The Value of Strategy Mapping (PDF 59 pages)

Addressing Complex and Cross-Boundary Challenges in Government: The Value of Strategy Mapping


Using Strategic Mapping to Tackle Cross-Boundary Challenges:
A Conversation Dr John Bryson

Why Strategyfinder?

Strategyfinder is a cutting-edge intelligent, agile tool and a proven strategy method. Strategyfinder allows management teams to think strategically and make effective decisions by aligning priorities. Regardless of where team members are located, Strategyfinder pulls together and links the perspectives of all team members, maps this out, analyses it, and makes it easily understandable for the team to make smarter decisions in real time.

„The right strategy is the key to your success.“

This is Strategyfinder

Revolutionise the way you run your everyday online Conversations

Online meetings are part of the new normal. Doing them successfully means rapidly tapping into your team’s expertise and building a stronger-than-ever commitment to deliver. That’s where we come in.

Quick Results

This is Strategy-as-a-Service, designed for meetings from 30mins to 2 hours. Our approach saves teams over 75% meeting time while building solid relationships and developing a healthy ‘can do’ culture.

9 Strategic Priorities, 30 Bankers, 60 Minutes, 6000 Miles

Kevin Page, Strategyfinder-Expert in the UK, supported the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF). Within a 60 min Strategyfinder session, 30 bank managers agreed on nine strategic priorities regarding sustainability goals.

Retain Overview of the Essential

In addition: have intelligent interactive whiteboard support for your web-based calls. Entering data into Strategyfinder is very quick. The entries can be anonymous if desired, which might be essential for controversial topics.

Views, opinions, and priorities change over time. You can change the Strategyfinder model constantly to represent reality as closely as possible.

Proven and effective Problem-Solving Method

We’ve been designing strategy conversations since 1989. We’ve researched and extensively published what works in the world’s top journals and now applied that to delivering online strategy workshops. Integrating our proven method and the latest software platform enables your team to think quickly, look from all angles, and build deep ownership to deliver agreed actions. It allows you to lock together the different perspectives in your team as a network of interconnected ideas, organising them, changing them, and reaching agreements.

Intelligent Tool

Strategyfinder works with a series of algorithms and mathematical methods in the background that can recognise vicious and virtuous cycles, find key themes and identify potent actions. Connections become visible, and options for action open up. It also distinguishes Strategyfinder from pure whiteboards with only graphic linking. Our mathematical methods in the background support intelligent solution proposals.


We view strategic planning as a collaborative, interactive process. Strategyfinder tool with the Mapping Method supports you in this.

You can avoid spending money with expensive consulting companies using your own team’s experience and wisdom using a method taught to over 7000 MBA students worldwide.

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Mapping Method

The mapping method, founded by Fran Ackermann and Colin Eden, has been published in many books and peer-reviewed articles (e.g. References) and commented on in professional literature.

Humans continually try to make sense of their world to act in it.  At times we struggle to explain why things are the way they appear to be, and we seek to understand the consequences of the situation. We see to exploit opportunities and mitigate or resolve issues.  Essentially, we construct a means-ends network in our heads with options leading to strategies and goals.

In a team setting, we aim to capitalise upon the benefits of a team where each person has something to offer – if there are no different views about how the situation faced came about. Finding ways of capturing, structuring and negotiating a shared direction is essential when resolving complex situations. The mapping method follows precisely these thoughts.

We combined this proven method with the state-of-the-art tool to offer a guided and intuitive way to map out strategic success for your department, division, or organization. It enables you to craft your strategy with selected stakeholders online.

„In organisations we try to take account of the expertise of others –
to increase the robustness of the outcomes but also to get ‘buy-in’.“

Colin Eden

Fields of Application

Exploit Wisdom and Experience across your Organisation with Strategyfinder

  • Eliciting views from a wide range of people
  • Have more effective and structured conversations
  • Facilitating negotiation between multiple perspectives
  • Stimulating idea generation through the synthesis of different perspectives
  • Providing time to think about the contributions of others, and yet contribute own views at any time
  • Facilitating the reaching of consensus without ‘group-think’
  • Supporting group working in highly productive short-time chunks

Depending on the problem statement or strategic question being asked,
Strategyfinder supports scenarios like:

  • Develop a Successful Organisational Corporate Strategy
  • Understand and exploit Competitive Advantages
  • Stakeholder Analysis & Management
  • Make SWOT-Analyses useful, focused and action based
  • Resolve Complex and messy Problems
  • Use systemic Crisis & Risk Management
  • Solve Conflicts
  • Utilise Structured Brainstorming

Team Solution Finder (TSF)

TSF is a Strategyfinder process for resolving complex issues or group conflicts. All those invited to work together create a model that includes all aspects of the problem; this includes the range of the issues, problem effects, their causes and their causal relationships to each other. Important causal chains of argumentation are uncovered and worked on in further discussions between the team members.

A TSF process is used when … 

  • The issue is more complex than expected. In a Strategyfinder online session, an overview of all aspects is created. Based on that, the team members can make a decision.
  • An urgent problem solution with a team is needed. After only 90 minutes, all central arguments are collected, a resulting model is formed, and possible solutions can be prioritised.
  • You face a complex problem with severe consequences following your decision. A complex causal model is developed with selected stakeholders in a half to full-day TSF process. If follow-up meetings are possible, additional experts can contribute their expertise.



Team Solution Finding Brochure (2 pages, May 2023)

Team Solution Finder Manual (23 pages, May 2023)

Evaluation Using Rating and Preferencing (12 pages, May 202

Systemic Risk Management (SRM)

Risks interact with each other and influence each other, thereby creating new risks. These complex interrelations can be mapped with Strategyfinder. Risks are recorded in a structured, moderated process. From this, plans and strategies for dealing with risks are developed

SRM Process

8-20 experts from different disciplines provide input for the construction of the risk system. Subsequently, the identified risk loops are recorded with regard to their impact (effect, benefit, damage, etc.). Experts further analyse the most essential loops. Measures for them are considered and systemic risk mitigation strategies are developed on the basis of probability and impact analyses.

Effects of Covid19 on the Norwegian Health Sector

A project funded by the Norwegian government had the aim of forming a „Systemic Pandemic Risk Model (SPRM)“ to map the effects of Covid19 on the health system. It could be shown, for example, that disbelief in vaccination leads to a low proportion of the population receiving a vaccination, which in turn leads to an increased infection rate. This has implications for an increased number of variants of the virus. Belief in vaccination is thus weakened again. Another loop can be seen if one considers the effect of an increased infection rate, which also affects people who are professionally involved with the pandemic. The change of these people leads to wrong answers and misguided information. This has a negative effect on trust in state authorities.



Systemic Risk Management Brochure (2 pages May 2023)


Costs / Licences

Please get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you find the appropriate Strategyfinder Solution for your need. Strategyfinder models are hosted on dedicated root servers, ensuring the highest data security. Admins can manage models and user rights via an easy-to-use interface. Superusers lead Strategyfinder workshops and can set up users and can invite users via e-mail invitation. With this proven and straightforward e-mail invitation, users can participate in a workshop.

Request our FREE DEMO of Strategyfinder (including 1 SuperUser* and 5 Users. Hosted on our public Demo Server. You also get access to the Basic Manuals).


The Costs / Licences refer to STRATEGYFINDER V1 (VERSION ONE). In March 2024, we launch a NEW VERSION, including AI features. With this launch, we will also release a completely new website: 

Small Edition V1

Particularly suitable for a small group (1 SuperUser*, 5 Users), You also get access to all our Basic Manuals

For workshops of up to 5 participants (Users). An e-mail address can only be used once.

50 models can be stored

No Administrator

€480 per year

Additional 10 Users €150 per year

Medium Edition V1

Suitable for small organisations wanting to create up to 5 SuperUsers*, up to 100 Users and store many models. You also get access to all our Basic and Advanced Manuals

No Administrator

1000 models can be stored. New models can replace previous models

For workshops of up to 100 participants (Users). An e-mail address can only be used once

€1500 per year

€100 per 10 Users, €200 per 1 SuperUser (max 5 SuperUsers)

Large Edition V1

Suitable for organisations with multiple sites/ divisions/ locations.
An unlimited number of SuperUsers* can be registered

1 Administrator

Unlimited Models

For workshops of up to 100 participants (Users). An e-mail address can only be used once

€2500 per year

€100 per 10 Users, €200 per 1 SuperUser (max 5 SuperUsers)

Enterprise Edition V1

Installation on own server with company branding.
Please get in contact with us.
Together we will find the best solution for your needs





Who we are

Strategy Experts

Colin Eden, Univ. Professor Strategy Expert UK

Fran Ackermann, Univ. Professor Perth Australia

Jose Julio Gonzalez, Strategic Management Consultant, Spain & Norway

Viktor Dörfler, Artificial Intelligence, Business Consultant & Strategy Mapping, UK

Kevin Page, Strategic Management Consultant, UK

Eivind Madsen, Strategic Management Consultant, Norway

Øyvind Mydland, Strategic Management Consultant, Norway

Strategyfinder Company

Robert Roithmayr, Architect Software Engineer; CEO of Strategyfinder, Austria

Anita Reinbacher, Strategic Management Consultant, CEO of Strategyfinder, Austria

Werner Stotter, Head of Software Development, Austria

Rico Thüler, Strategic Management
Ingo Thalhammer, Consultant
Oliver Wrulich, Software Development
Mark Ortler, Analyse and Software Development
Franz Rohm, Software Development
Nadine Ortner-Leiter, Software Development
Péter Salamon Zoltán, Software Development
Okan Öcal, Design and Development
Berkay Özgür, Design and Development
Clemens Burgmann, Software Development
Daniel Raggl, Software Development
Emil Kriegisch, Server and Database

Feedback from Strategyfinder Users

Many thousands of users have worked with the Strategyfinder method – here are some of the comments made by clients:

Strategyfinder for Strategy Development

Understand their different perspectives around the key issues that were impacting the functioning of the system. This took some of the unhelpful ‘emotional heat’ out of the discussions as individuals were able to understand that a different opinion was based on a different model of the world.

Equalise the different voices in the room. It was notable that some of the historically more powerful individuals in the room were less happy with the event and the most positive feedback was from individuals whose voices had been marginalised.

A recognition of the level of complexity…. the ability of the software to manage this complexity is invaluable.

The approach used helped to generate constructive discussions amongst the key stakeholders. It enabled us to easily move between the detail and the overview, which ultimately meant we were able to develop a strategy that was clear on what we were trying to achieve, how we were going to get there and how we would overcome the potential challenges along the way.

Forcing a discussion on a deliverable set of joint priorities as part of the strategy development process, whilst uncomfortable, is vital for ensuring the long-term delivery of the strategy. The approach used helped to force these focused discussions.

Ruth, Healthcare Improvement, Scotland 

Strategyfinder for Conflict Management

Felt both sides went away more positively about the future; it was a very productive session. The maps were road maps to go and do. People seemed more willing to engage on issues rather than sweep issues under the carpet – they were willing to talk about issues. … lots now on the table to go do that wouldn’t have got to otherwise. People went into the room with an intense dislike of each other … We were able to avoid dancing around things but get them out into the open. 

The software was incredibly useful – setting preferences and getting everything out in the open. It would have been much slower if everyone had to speak (and we wouldn’t have got that much on paper). … good conflict resolution session with positive outcomes regarding attitudes and solid deliverables.

It helped diffuse the tension (which was historically in existence). … a good cathartic experience – both sides were honest and noted both organizations are imperfect. … helped avoid people getting bogged down … got through far more than I thought possible.

The process made us engage, we were able to compose stuff, prioritise, and it was well structured and encouraged people to reflect.

Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK

Strategyfinder for Risk Management

It was important for us all because it gave us a conversation where we could reach conclusions and prioritise. We finished up with agreements that were neither NHS nor Government, but rather a shared understanding and agreement. We ‚got to a good place as a group‘.
In these sorts of groups, many participants refer upward rather than speak their minds, whereas here we got the full range of views. Stuff got put on the table.
It would have taken us months to get to where we got to in 5 hours.
The ‚uncontrollable‘ and important issues became controllable. The ability of the system to build from one another’s contributions was particularly useful.
The speed with which the system enabled the distillation of issues and the assimilation of different views was impressive and undoubtedly contributed to the workshop’s success.

Stephen, Scottish Government, Health Policy

Strategyfinder for finding solutions in teams

Using Strategyfinder enabled members of my team, working from multiple locations, to quickly and efficiently come together online and develop a very clear understanding of the complex interactions between different activities. Strategyfinder offers a unique combination of ease of use alongside the ability to develop powerful representations of the multiple interconnections between tasks and activities it gave us a whole different perspective on our work we could not easily have obtained through other means.

Dr Francis Norman, General Manager, Centre of Decommissioning Australia

We agreed on common goals – we can sort it out and stop the bickering … Actions are in place. Astonished by the capability of the system … would have taken us weeks to get where we got to  … behaviours seem to have changed during the workshop: a more roundtable approach being taken, and joint things coming up by the end of the day.

National Safety Regulator

Our recent collaborative project [Understanding the socio-economic value of manmade marine infrastructure] funded by FRDC, kicked off in early 2020, but it was immediately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as widespread lockdowns were instated. The team from Curtin University with Prof. Fran Ackermann reacted rapidly and modified stakeholder consultation methods to an online platform called ‘Strategyfinder.’ From the perspective of a user, the software was simple to use and provided immediate results on screen as the other participants input their data. In terms of the research outputs, incorporating Strategyfinder into the methods enabled the research team to double the number of workshops proposed and provide a much greater breadth of input from a larger geographical area and a more diverse and higher number of participants than originally anticipated.

Luke Twomey, CEO, Western Australian Marine Science Institution

Strategyfinder and Stakeholder Management

The Strategyfinder software has been invaluable in engaging with a wide variety of stakeholders, for them to have direct input, to see their input directly and to openly participate and contribute to the linkages. The software readily facilitates open and transparent engagement processes, I highly recommend its use and the facilitation provided by Prof. Ackermann.

Stephen, Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development, Australia

Agreements reached which had high levels of ownership and commitment from the entire senior team

By the end of the session, many members of the SMT had changed their minds, had gained a wider understanding of the issues that affected the entire organisation and had gained a greater sense of being able to manage high levels of complexity

This approach had a transformational impact on the company with a reduction in dysfunctional behaviours and an increased ability to identify and agree on joint goals. 

The use of the computer system helped protect anonymity in the early part of the session and ensured that everything including highly contentious items was put up for debate and agreement. The outcome was high levels of ownership and commitment from the two separate SMTs on the way forward.

John, Major Construction Company, UK




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Systemic Risk Management Brochure (2 pages, May 2023)

Team Solution Finding (2 pages, May 2023)

Multi-Organisational Collaborative Large-Scale Engagements (2 pages, June 2023)



Elicitation analysis and mitigation of systemic pandemic risk

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