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The Challenge

Working in dispersed teams presents its unique set of challenges. Online discussions can lead to confusion, hindering progress. Traditional whiteboard sessions may be engaging but fail to provide a clear structure for evaluating ideas and reaching consensus.

The Solution

With Strategyfinder's cutting-edge tool and proven mapping method, designed for different situations, your team can overcome these obstacles in a short amount of time. Our innovative, but tried and tested, methods allow everyone to contribute their expertise and wisdom and so ensure agreements for action are thoughtful, intelligent and actionable.

The Result

Effective and well informed decisions.

What our clients say

“Using Strategyfinder enabled members of my team, working from multiple locations, to quickly and efficiently come together online and develop a very clear understanding of the complex interactions between different activities. Strategyfinder offers a unique combination of ease of use alongside the ability to develop powerful representations of the multiple interconnections between tasks and activities it gave us a whole different perspective on our work we could not easily have obtained through other means.”

Dr Francis Norman, General Manager Decommissioning and Strategy, Australia

“Our recent collaborative project, kicked off in early 2020, but it was immediately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as widespread lockdowns were instated. The team reacted rapidly and modified stakeholder consultation methods to an online platform called Strategyfinder. From the perspective of a user, the software was simple to use and provided immediate results on screen as the other participants input their data. In terms of the research outputs, incorporating Strategyfinder into the methods enabled the research team to double the number of workshops proposed and provide a much greater breadth of input from a larger geographical area and a more diverse and higher number of participants than originally anticipated.”

Luke Twomey, CEO, Western Australian Marine Science Institution, Western Australia

"But really, the biggest strength I saw as a facilitator in these workshops was the easy way for the facilitator to explore the different views, exploiting the different competencies around the table. There was almost an equal level of influence around the table, which I previously I found very hard to facilitate. Because in normal dialogue, you have often had dynamics where one or two take up a lot of space. They have maybe more status that affect the dynamic, but the process of Strategyfinder actually enables each and every person participating to provide their views and provide their thought processes, so that we get a more nuanced and interesting picture."

Facilitators Voice

So overall, my experience with the Strategyfinder tool and process has been very good. It's been a very impactful tool for us to use in the workshops that we've done.

Facilitators Voice

Really, what it does is enable us to have a systematic dialogue.

Facilitators Voice

So I'm really looking forward to using it for a bunch of other developmental processes, but also change processes, where there often are different agendas and mold, many emotions and to try to find the best strategies and the best goals in a very complex problem.

Facilitators Voice

Facts, data,

  • The world is not made up of dry facts – facts are glued together by an intricate web of cause-effect relationships
  • Causal explanations are the dominant part of our knowledge: can’t derive explanations from raw data, particularly about the future
  • When arguing for a course action we use causal reasoning: “if we do this then that will happen”
  • Data may support causal reasoning but it is not the basis for agreeing action/strategy


  • Pulls together and links perspectives of all team members, regardless of their locations
  • Analyses and maps out insights for smarter real-time decisions
  • With blind gathering, it allows all participants to have their say anonymously and without the influence of the views of others.
  • Usually saves over 75% meeting time and fosters a 'can do' culture
  • Enables intelligent interactive strategy mapping whiteboard support for web-based calls
  • Proven and effective methods based on extensive research, use, and publications
  • Utilises analysis tools for identifying key themes and potent actions

Strategyfinder is
method and tool

  • Strategic management:
    Eg: emergent strategizing (Mintzberg & Waters; Eden and van der Heijden); networks of goals and negative goals (Ackermann and Eden); Resource Based View (Barney); Competence Based Management (CBM) (Sanchez and Heene)
  • Problem solving
    Multiple and conflicting objectives; ‘messy’ problems (Ackoff); purpose (Ackoff and Emery)
  • Cognitive psychology:
    Personal Construct Theory (Kelly)
  • Social psychology
    Procedural Justice (Tyler and Blader); group-think (Janis)
  • International conciliation
    Getting-to-yes (Fisher and Ury)

Introducing Strategyfinder

Strategyfinder –

your solution to efficient and effective decision-making!