We view strategic planning as a collaborative, interactive process. Strategyfinder tool with the Mapping Method supports you in this.

You can avoid spending money with expensive consulting companies using your own team’s experience and wisdom using a method taught to over 7000 MBA students worldwide.

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Mapping Method

The mapping method, founded by Fran Ackermann and Colin Eden, has been published in many books and peer-reviewed articles (e.g. References) and commented on in professional literature.

Humans continually try to make sense of their world to act in it.  At times we struggle to explain why things are the way they appear to be, and we seek to understand the consequences of the situation. We see to exploit opportunities and mitigate or resolve issues.  Essentially, we construct a means-ends network in our heads with options leading to strategies and goals.

In a team setting, we aim to capitalise upon the benefits of a team where each person has something to offer – if there are no different views about how the situation faced came about. Finding ways of capturing, structuring and negotiating a shared direction is essential when resolving complex situations. The mapping method follows precisely these thoughts.

We combined this proven method with the state-of-the-art tool to offer a guided and intuitive way to map out strategic success for your department, division, or organization. It enables you to craft your strategy with selected stakeholders online.

„In organisations we try to take account of the expertise of others –
to increase the robustness of the outcomes but also to get ‘buy-in’.“

Colin Eden