This is Strategyfinder

Revolutionise the way you run your everyday online Conversations

Online meetings are part of the new normal. Doing them successfully means rapidly tapping into your team’s expertise and building a stronger-than-ever commitment to deliver. That’s where we come in.

Quick Results

This is Strategy-as-a-Service, designed for meetings from 30mins to 2 hours. Our approach saves teams over 75% meeting time while building solid relationships and developing a healthy ‘can do’ culture.

9 Strategic Priorities, 30 Bankers, 60 Minutes, 6000 Miles

Kevin Page, Strategyfinder-Expert in the UK, supported the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF). Within a 60 min Strategyfinder session, 30 bank managers agreed on nine strategic priorities regarding sustainability goals.

Retain Overview of the Essential

In addition: have intelligent interactive whiteboard support for your web-based calls. Entering data into Strategyfinder is very quick. The entries can be anonymous if desired, which might be essential for controversial topics.

Views, opinions, and priorities change over time. You can change the Strategyfinder model constantly to represent reality as closely as possible.

Proven and effective Problem-Solving Method

We’ve been designing strategy conversations since 1989. We’ve researched and extensively published what works in the world’s top journals and now applied that to delivering online strategy workshops. Integrating our proven method and the latest software platform enables your team to think quickly, look from all angles, and build deep ownership to deliver agreed actions. It allows you to lock together the different perspectives in your team as a network of interconnected ideas, organising them, changing them, and reaching agreements.

Intelligent Tool

Strategyfinder works with a series of algorithms and mathematical methods in the background that can recognise vicious and virtuous cycles, find key themes and identify potent actions. Connections become visible, and options for action open up. It also distinguishes Strategyfinder from pure whiteboards with only graphic linking. Our mathematical methods in the background support intelligent solution proposals.