Fields of Application

Exploit Wisdom and Experience across your Organisation with Strategyfinder

  • Eliciting views from a wide range of people
  • Have more effective and structured conversations
  • Facilitating negotiation between multiple perspectives
  • Stimulating idea generation through the synthesis of different perspectives
  • Providing time to think about the contributions of others, and yet contribute own views at any time
  • Facilitating the reaching of consensus without ‘group-think’
  • Supporting group working in highly productive short-time chunks

Depending on the problem statement or strategic question being asked,
Strategyfinder supports scenarios like:

  • Develop a Successful Organisational Corporate Strategy
  • Understand and exploit Competitive Advantages
  • Stakeholder Analysis & Management
  • Make SWOT-Analyses useful, focused and action based
  • Resolve Complex and messy Problems
  • Use systemic Crisis & Risk Management
  • Solve Conflicts
  • Utilise Structured Brainstorming