Team Solution Finder (TSF)

TSF is a Strategyfinder process for resolving complex issues or group conflicts. All those invited to work together create a model that includes all aspects of the problem; this includes the range of the issues, problem effects, their causes and their causal relationships to each other. Important causal chains of argumentation are uncovered and worked on in further discussions between the team members.

A TSF process is used when … 

  • The issue is more complex than expected. In a Strategyfinder online session, an overview of all aspects is created. Based on that, the team members can make a decision.
  • An urgent problem solution with a team is needed. After only 90 minutes, all central arguments are collected, a resulting model is formed, and possible solutions can be prioritised.
  • You face a complex problem with severe consequences following your decision. A complex causal model is developed with selected stakeholders in a half to full-day TSF process. If follow-up meetings are possible, additional experts can contribute their expertise.



Team Solution Finding Brochure (2 pages, May 2023)

Team Solution Finder Manual (23 pages, May 2023)

Evaluation Using Rating and Preferencing (12 pages, May 202